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Side Dishes

Whipped Potatoes*Rice Pilaf*Oven Roasted New Potatoes*Herb and Butter Noodles*Candied Yams*
Corn Bread Dressing*Wild Rice Stuffing*Seasoned Rice*Potato Casserole*Macaroni and Cheese*
Paella (Choice of Fruit, Chicken, Pork or Seafood)*Spanish Rice*Red Beans and Rice*Twice Baked Potatoes

Sauteed Stir-Fry Vegetables*Buttered/Glazed Carrots*Green Beans*Sweet Corn*Sweet Peas with Pearl Onions*
Green Bean Casserole*Snow Peas*Baby Lima Beans*Broccoli Casserole*Collard Greens*Steamed Broccoli*
Steamed Asparagus*Steamed Cabbage*Field Peas*Black-Eyed Peas*Brussell Sprouts *Grilled Zucchini 

Prime Roast AuJus
Roasted Top Round of Beef
Prime Rib Roast
Shrimp and Grits
Shrimp Scampi
Other Shrimp Entrees:
Steamed, Stir-fry, Baked Sweet and Sour, Spicy Creole, Etc.
Fried Fish
Blackened or Parmesean Encrusted Grouper or Tilapia
Baked Flounder with Herb Butter/Stuffed Flounder
Baked Salmon with Classique Herb Sauce/Grilled Salmon/Lemony Baked Salmon
Pit Baked Ham with Natural Juice
Roasted Center Cut Pork Loin
Pork Chops
Baked, Fried, Blackened
Meat Loaf
Roasted Turkey with Giblet Gravy
Chicken your Choice:
Boneless Breast with Mushroom Sauce, Cordon Bleu, Fried, Baked, Honey Glazed, Country, Marsala
Cajun Fried Turkey Wings
Jamaican Style Ox Tails with Stewed Beef
Ribeye or T-Bone Steaks
Glazed Duck
Wild Rice Stuffed Cornish Game Hen or Chicken Breasts

Red Chicken Stew
Chicken Cacciatore
Beef Stew
Seafood Frogmore Stew
Catfish Stew


Lunch and Dinner Event  Menu